I am most grateful for Sara Eaglewoman.  I had a major crisis happening in my life and I was fortunate enough to have been recommended to see Eaglewoman. I was unable to sleep, a bit traumatized, not really eating etc. After 2 hours with Eaglewoman I was transformed. I was calm, no longer holding on to this situation.  She taught me to see from the Eagles perspective in this situation and in every situation. Eaglewoman took this fear I had and transformed the energy to my benefit as well as others around me. She puts your mind at ease and fills your soul with beauty and peace.
~ E. Author & Entrepreneur

My family and I have known & received Eaglewoman’s work and medicine for years and she is family. We trust her healing like no other. We are so blessed to have been introduced to her by some dear friends.

Eaglewoman’s healing allowed me to hit the reset button, and start fresh with my life. Through her magical healing, she reminded me what it felt like to have the soul of a child. Eaglewoman’s gifted talents allowed me to realign my path in life.
~ Javier Chapa

Working with Sara Eaglewoman is the perfect combination of ancient and new. The sacredness of her presence, her traditions, her gift and the space she creates all combine to anchor belief and hope. I feel as though I have crossed a bridge and in doing so have finally called my spirit back from all those places I unconsciously left it – those places where I sacrificed my power never knowing the price until Eaglewoman’s practice restored me. With love and blessings,
~ A.M.
Executive Producer

I’ve lived half my life as half of myself. Now, I am all of myself.
~ James White Eagle

Before I saw Eaglewoman I was full of fear, fear of the unknown. I knew she could help me because I kept thinking about her before my session. I felt her strong power and I could tell that her presence was with me before my session ever began and it continued days following. My fear was blocking my power to be a Yogi Warrior, a Mom and my connection to the Universe. We all have the power within us and she brought mine out and cleared the fear that was burdening me. I felt protected which is what I needed as a single mother. I am now rebuilding myself, so that I can attract great people to me. She shined light onto what I needed to address within myself. I felt like she woke something up that was dormant in me. After my session with her, everything got lifted and I was able to enjoy life, everything tasted better! She’s very powerful! I felt her presence around me because I saw Eagle images everywhere   and I would smile, because I knew I wasn’t alone!
~ Haiku

Thank you so much for your amazing treatment as I felt instantly centered, grounded, soulful and connected.
~ Justin
Fitness Trainer

From my personal experience after seeing Eaglewoman, I was able to make changes in my life that have been life transforming. I was able to understand myself better and able to let go of certain life events that were not letting me live in the present. From both of my experiences, I left with the feeling of being refreshed, revived and strong…I physically and mentally felt whole again. If you are able and/or have the opportunity to have a session with Eaglewoman, it will be one of the best gifts that you give yourself.
~Shivraj Kaur
Ayurvedic Health Educator

Eaglewoman heals your spirit with a surgeons precision that you’ll never experience anywhere else. I feel like endless oceans are available to me now, I can spend as much time as I want in one or experience many. It’s endless and exciting. I can do anything with it, I feel so free to experience the joy. There is no expectation of how to experience it, I can just be it.
~ Yvonne
Massage Therapist

Sara Eaglewoman is the Real Deal. I have never had such a profound and life altering session. I go back and see her often. She has helped so many people and has helped hold the Sacred Space at Golden Bridge.
~ Gurmukh
Master Kundalini Yoga Teacher Golden Bridge Yoga

Words cannot begin to express the gratitude I feel for having experienced Eaglewoman’s healing gifts. She touched and unveiled my soul, mind and heart. The information that she shared and the experience (mind, body and soul) of my phone session revealed to me what is, and why it is so. I move forward with a new found clarity and understanding.
~ Daniela

Sara Eaglewoman is definitely a unique Healer, a true Shaman, and real Medicine Woman in the True Sense.  A session with her brings you to a deeper understanding of your purpose and path on this earth.  It is an amazing experience to spend time in Sacred Session with her.
~ Tej
Master Kundalini Yoga Teacher

You have changed my life. My heart and my soul have completely healed and I really feel alive, confident and I love myself more than ever. My experience was one that I will never forget. I learned so much from my session and I will be eternally grateful.  You are amazing and truly an angel and a healer. I haven’t felt so clear, light and full of positive energy in forever. I know that this strength comes from me but I never believed in it until you made it so clear to me. I thank you for opening my heart that was asleep for so long, I thank you for giving me back the woman that I lost, I thank you for giving me the courage and the power I knew I had but didn’t want to see. I thank you for guiding me and making me understand that I needed to love myself and forgive myself. Thank you so much for giving me this amazing gift.
~ L

Thank you so much for the wonderful healing session, you are truly gifted! I felt exorcised of negative emotions that were weighing me down and blocking the warrior spirit. Thank you again so very much. I treasure you!
~ J

I am so grateful for my transformational experience with Eaglewoman. Eaglewoman is the most loving and wonderful person I have ever met. She is wise, powerful, compassionate and beautiful. The changes that have taken place in my life as a result of her healing are truly miraculous.I was carrying around a tremendous amount of pain and confusion since my childhood and I could feel the stress of it all manifest symptoms in my body and life. During my session with Eaglewoman a great shift occurred. It has been the most wonderful gift in the world to release the heavy sadness and shame I once possessed and instead feel a joyful peace about my life and purpose. I am so honored and blessed to have received all the Love, wholeness, freedom and incredible teachings of Eaglewoman.
~ Melissa D

“Each session gets deeper & deeper. I live from a depth that I didn’t know existed for me. My life has become so meaningful since I’ve been working with Eaglewoman! She’s made me feel so enriched with her work!”
~ Leonora

I was brought to the core of joy at Eaglewoman’s healing workshop! I was stripped of my ego with forgiveness, love, and acceptance to embody childlike freedom of being. Pure, unadulterated FUN!!!
~ Laura
LMT Bodyworker and Artist

As a three year old child my Father left for work one day and never returned. I distinctly remember everything even viewing his body in his casket and kissing the ring on his finger. After that I disappeared within myself and had an ever present ache in my heart until Eaglewoman retrieved my shattered soul in a healing ceremony she performed on me. None of this history she knew and in the healing moment was guided divinely. My life profoundly changed.
~ sb/fdgww

Trying to put what Eagle Woman does & how she works into words is almost an impossibility.  Miracles are done, and mysticism occurs on a level beyond my human capacity to articulate or explain it.  What I can say is that Eagle Woman has changed my life, both the shape of it and what I think my destiny is, to beyond what would have occurred had I not met her and put my trust in Shamanic healing. I have heard it said that either pain pushes, or spirit calls an individual to go far beyond the rational, logical living of their life. I would wish that everyone were blessed or lucky enough to have at least one experience of Eagle Medicine.
~ Andrea Davis
Facilitator of Family Constellation Work

I have met many wonderful healers and spiritual masters around the globe and I received much precious knowledge, but not one of them had ever been able to heal my childhood wounds. Sara Eaglewoman, with her miraculous work, healed my inner child in just a few sessions. But she didn’t stop there; as soon the heavy burden was lifted she looked deep into my spirit discovering my Medicine Man past lives “powers”. In an astonishing private function she called the higher spirits to claim back my Shamanic powers and she obtained it, re-empowering me as a Shaman with the name Red Cougar Mountain Spirit Medicine Man.  She is a very powerful master in the grace of the highest white forces. I’m forever grateful.
~ Luca Bosurgi – Red Cougar
Director of the CognitiveOS Hypnosis Institute