Always love with all your heart. You’re building a life, you’re building upon infinity. Anytime you have the opportunity

to love someone, go for it! A love relationship isn’t to be planned or calculated or rationalized, its to be enjoyed and

to always be present to it. You will summons the lover of your soul by the degree of love that you have for yourself.

Its about you returning to be the lover of your soul. Lets come full circle. The vibrance and life force comes from the soul connection. Inwardly, you remember to be the lover of your soul first and foremost. When you come full circle

to reunite with the lover of your soul then everything shows up, miracles come forth.

Everyone’s always looking for someone that’s going to fix them. A companion that’s going to complete them, a companion that’s going to do the work for them when really it should be that you’re attracting the lover of your soul because you’ve already gone and set the golden path for an immortal love to take place, immortality. When you set in motion an immortal love affair in the ethers then it comes to the 3D where we live, as above so below. Its a manifesting energy that you attract the lover of your soul who has integrity and honor for your soul as you have. It makes being with a partner stronger and heightens the perception of being with a partner. Only you can attract a profound love affair with another person and it is by the way that you are connected up to your soul.


~ Eaglewoman

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