Eaglewoman lives in constant relation to and communication with the vastness of Spirit, bringing Creator’s divine vision for your soul to manifestation on the earth plane. Every healing is divinely guided for those before her in the moment, elevating us to the highest degree of light and consciousness that our bodies can sustain. She is a conduit for divine messages, blessings, energies and guidance to come through, a bringer of miracles connecting heaven and earth, human and divine, in perfect balance and harmony.

Her transformational healing work clears, moves and cleanses energies which are stagnant or blocked so that prosperity, abundance, health and happiness may reside. Through divine alchemy she realigns and redesigns your physical and ethereal bodies going right to the core of where dis-ease originates, so that one may rapidly shift, heal and elevate, creating an expansion in your life beyond what ones linear mind can comprehend. Eaglewoman heals through the purest of hearts, living in, healing, discerning and teaching with her heart mind.
Eaglewoman is an Alchemist of the soul.

Eaglewomans work is of the highest sacred order and your soul will know when it is ready to be divinely called forth. Her work is to be experienced and cannot be limited or housed by a description of the blessings it brings for each soul.

Her work is continually evolving as divinely guided to meet the needs of, and to communicate effectively with, the peoples and communities of this new millennium. What she brings to humanity is the gift of liberation to the height of one’s self.  She is the Eagle, the bringer of freedom and absolute pure love. The profoundness of her work is never compromised, this is her calling and daily practice. She walks this sacred path in beauty and grace with impeccable integrity and honor, answering only to the Highest Authority.

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* S E S S I O N S * 

Individual Sessions, Couple & Group Healing Sessions, Phone Sessions

You can schedule a private one on one session with Eaglewoman, work with her as a couple, or in a group. You may work with her in person or remotely over the phone. What Eaglewoman does for an individual she also applies to the dynamics of working with a couple or a group.

Once the session is scheduled Eaglewoman will become aware of you, your soul’s request and what is to take place for you. The work will have begun before you physically come in to see her as she is connected up with you in the etheric realm. When you arrive for your sacred healing session you step into the sacred space. Eaglewoman is divinely guided in her work to what your whole beingness needs. It is valuable to understand that what comes through for you comes from the Eagle’s perception, the highest order of healing. It is what the Realm of Spirit knows you most need to evolve and transform your life, beyond what is known to us from our own vantage points of ourselves.

Eaglewoman’s healing work clears, moves and cleanses energies which are stagnant or blocked. Through divine alchemy she realigns and redesigns your mental, emotional, physical, and ethereal bodies so that one may rapidly shift, heal and elevate. Eagleowman continues to always uphold a sacred vision for you as you journey over the bridge to your blessings. It is also the responsibility of the client to uphold this sacred healing and continue walking the path of elevation that has divinely aligned for them.

* C L E A R I N G S *

Home, Business & Space Clearings and Blessings

“Where you are matters as much as who you are. Creator made places before making people.” – Eaglewoman

The sanctity of the spaces in which we spend so very much of our life energy and time is important to our overall well-being and to our life’s pursuits. An environment has an energy, a vibration and a grid, an etheric map of sacred geometry. The energies of spaces can lose their integrity and shift out of alignment for many different reasons, including former inhabitants or spirit activity. This can cause disturbances in the vibration of your sacred space and the lands surrounding therefore affecting you.

Eaglewoman works to clear your space through divine alchemy and sacred geometry. The size of the space and scope of the work necessary will determine the amount of time and energy she will need to expend. Once you have committed to her coming to do the work, the process has begun to clear any negative or discordant energies, ultimately shifting and realigning the Grid. When the work is completed you’ll be called back and welcomed into your new sacred space with a ceremony and blessing.

* C E R E M O N Y *

Healing Circles, Private & Public Group Healing Ceremonies


Ceremony makes sacred the seemingly regular motions of our lives. Coming together in ceremony is a sacred act, making the gathering of community sacred. Every ceremony led by Eaglewoman is divinely guided for those before her, in the unique configuration of souls each ceremony brings. Each participant becomes a living point on the  wheel and Eaglewoman inspires the wheel to turn with dance healings, exercises, blessings or teachings designed to awaken a particular aspect of the self. And thus, the wheel turns with the energy coming in from the higher realms and all are truly moved.

Eaglewoman is a divine conduit to the whole of the heavenly hosts, they come to her on behalf of those before her and she anchors heaven here on earth. She is delivering the miracles of spirit that each individual soul in attendance is petitioning for realigning the communities in attendance.

Public ceremonies are presently held on a regular basis at Golden Bridge Yoga Studios in Los Angeles, CA. Eaglewoman is also available to perform ceremony in your space, for your community, as well as small or large private ceremonies.

* T E A C H I N G S *

Eaglewoman’s Teachings, like her healing and ceremony work, come from her living alignment, her live connection to Spirit and so are ever evolving. Rooted in the oneness and foundation of the world wide indigenous ways and expanding to incorporate Universal wisdoms, the cornerstones of her teachings, like an endless scroll, unroll in depth and breadth over time, always revealing deeper layers and new significance. As an open channel to spirit she is divinely downloaded with the alchemic teachings necessary for each individual or group that she is working with. Eaglewoman will be inspired, she will be breathed into by Spirit with precisely the message that needs to be delivered to those before her, or in just the right language to shake up what they thought they knew, so they may hear something as if for the first time, to “forget what they know and remember what they forgot”. Rather than expounding a set of stayed concepts, Eaglewoman is the Teaching, both by being the living alignment which receives it and the embodied example of it. Teachings are incorporated throughout the ways Eaglewoman works. As well, a one of a kind teaching series is soon to become a part of her regular offering.

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